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Gomplast (Changzhou) Roller Co., Ltd., as one of Asia branches of Gomplast S.A.(Spain), founded in 2008, has been devoting to provide hi-quality and reliable industrial roller service to customers for years.

In 2010, Gomplast Changzhou became the member of H&M Group, HANNECARD nv (Belgium) and MITEX GmbH (Germany), who share high reputation in the international market of roll covering, help significantly for our growth. With strong technological strength and scientific management, three international leaders entrust the new mission to Gomplast Changzhou in the future market and provide a solid foundation for the healthy development of the company. 

By providing reliable rubber covering, we find the solution for you, improve your product quality, and reduce production cost. A large number of material types will show you all possible choice more than your imagination.

Here you feel the POWER OF UNION!

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